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Joel network was started by Bro.Sunil Kumar Katuri who has been serving in electronic and print media since 15 years, and by ‘Joy Foundation’ he is developing web and apps. He was the founder of Hosanna Television. He started this channel in the year 2013, Andhra Pradesh, India. Hosanna Television is a first Telugu Christian HD TV Channel in India. Our network was started in order to provide the true information gap in the field of Christian Community, and through this website, we provide the information related to Christian Community Directory,

orphanages information, social services places and information, Christian Community profiles, Pastors profiles, music directors and singers profiles, other Christian TV channels information and programmes, Category of the pastor’s sermons, education literature information, church and hospital place information. health tips, cooking tips, world culture, regional cultures, world languages, Ethical and moral values stories, Children Education literature and videos. We provide all information about Christian community and social service. This information is to communicate with each other, and also it will help to save one’s time. And also it provides Knowledge about community growth in business and improves the relationship. Through ‘’, we provide true information about personal profiles of above-said ones. was given an opportunity to create their own profile with the right information. So that any interested one can update their own profile by filling our profile form or can mail to our email address. (

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